MOT Testing

Fallsbrook Motors: MOT Testing ImageBy law, every car that is older than three years is required to undergo an annual MOT to ensure that it is still roadworthy, to protect you and other road users.

Without an up-to-date MOT certificate for your vehicle it is illegal to drive it on UK roads and you will be unable to renew your road tax. To remain within the law, be sure to make a note of your MOT expiry date in your diary, or even in your smartphone, with an alarm reminder a week or so earlier than the date it runs out.

If your MOT is carried out by us, we will automatically send you a reminder the month before your next MOT is due.

Fallsbrook Motors: MOT Observation Area

At Fallsbrook Motors, we are licensed to undertake Class 4 MOT testing, which covers:

– Cars (that carry up to 8 passengers)
– Motor caravans
– 3-wheeled vehicles (that weigh over 450kg unladen)
– Quads (to a maximum weight of 400kg unladen, but for goods vehicles 500kg and max 15kw)
– Dual Purpose Vehicles
– Private hire and public service vehicles (such as minibuses with up to 8 seats)
– Ambulances and taxis
– Private passenger vehicles and ambulances (with 9-12 passenger seats)

In the event that your vehicle fails its test, we will happily retest it for free, even if you decide to take it to another garage to carry out the necessary repairs.

To book your MOT, give us a call on 020 8769 1184 or send an email to [email protected] with your contact number and we’ll call you to arrange a suitable time for you to drop off your vehicle.