Photoshoot at Fallsbrook

Photo of Fergus Ford at Fallsbrook MotorsWe were visited by professional photographer Fergus Ford today, a long-time friend of Fallsbrook Motors.

We felt the site really needed some clean, crisp photographs to showcase the workshop and what we do. To achieve this, we called Fergus and set him the task of capturing some shots of the garage and the team for the Fallsbrook website without disrupting the work day too much.

A consummate professional, Fergus had the job done just a couple of hours later and we can honestly say we captured some fantastic images.
Photo of Fergus and David checking images
For a preview, head over to the Fallsbrook Motors Facebook Page. Like the page for news and updates on the site and, of course, we’re always grateful if you want to leave a comment, review us or just like one of our updates. We always try to respond to any messages we receive through Social Media, so don’t be shy (keep it clean though, please)!

We’re delighted with the results of the photoshoot and we hope that you will be too.

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